Mary Gauthier
the Foundling

(Mary Gauthier, CD, 2010)

"I have spent the last two years working on a project that is now in its final stages, a concept record I am calling the FOUNDLING.

For years I have wanted to write a collection of songs that tells a story, and Iíve finally done it, using Willie Nelsons the Redheaded Stranger as my compass. Iíve loved that record for 30 years, itís a masterpiece that sings the story of a preacher who shot his cheating wife. Blue Eyes crying in the rain was the big song.

On the FOUNDLING, songs tell the story of a kid abandoned at birth who spent a year in an orphanage and was adopted, who ran way from the adopted home and ended up in show business, who searched for birth parents late in life and found one and was rejected, and who came thru the other side of all this still believing in love.

Yea, itís my story." - Mary Gauthier