For 3HATTRIO, the Southwest desert has an almost spiritual significance. Rooted in the natural world of their sacred homeland near Zion National Park in Utah, they say that their genre is ďAmerican desert music,Ē a simple idea for a complex sound. The music 3hattrio are making sounds more like extended landscapes of sound, bare mesas that ring with electronic echoes of acoustic instruments, twisting and turning as the wind shifts. On their latest album Lord of the Desert that came out in 2018 their musical mix with the unusual, fusing American folk music with outsider elements like autotune, psychedelia, and minimalism. Itís a wildly unusual sound, but the product of three very different musicians coming together to form something new.

3HATTRIO's music was born in their beloved Zion National State Park in their home state of Utah where the 3 Hats by coincidence met and for fun started jamming together and noticed a magical spell taking possession of the music they created together and there was nothing else that they could do than to form a band together and keep letting this magic happen.

As a tribute to their beloved Zion park they have recorded a live album earlier this year to celebrate that 100 years ago in 1919 Zion Canyon was designated as a National Park. This Canyon was already a sacret place long before the humans came. We bow to the music of the birds and the animals of Zion, and the songs that tied to the Native people who followed. Place matters to music. In an age where we can visit anywhere in the world with a tap on a screen, over 4 million people make a physical pilgrimage to Zion each year. 3Hattrio lives here every day, day after day. We never take for granted the power of the landscape and how it guides our music.

People also matter to music, We recorded this album in a pre-civil war adobe-and-frame church in the hamlet of the virgin at the mouth of Zion Cayon in front of a crowd of neighbors, friends and fans. The love and support of these people made our music soar and flourish .

HAL CANNON is the resident folklorist of the band, known for his seminal work studying and performing the musical traditions of Utah with the Deseret String Band and founding director of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. A lifelong scholar of the desert, he brings his background in traditional music to his explorations of the banjo and his cowboy poet-inflected songwriting.

GREG ISTOCK is both a respected visual artist and a powerfully creative bassist and songwriter. He cut his teeth for decades in Florida producing Caribbean albums, much of which filters into his deep groove songwriting, vocal percussion, and ingenious use of autotune. Today he lives on a ledge above the Virgin River. All three 3hattrio albums were recorded in his painting studio.

ELI WRANKLE is the wild card that brought the three artists together. A prodigiously talented young violinist, his first experience jamming was with Cannon and Istock for a recital benefit for his high school. The three clicked immediately, and since Wrankle has been able to expand from his initial love of classical violin and fiddle to more spaced-out cosmic violin jams. Now twenty-one years old, Wrankle is a junior at Southern Utah University.




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Lord of the Desert (2018)

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Dark Desert Night (2015)


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