Cam Penner - Sex & Politics

Cam Pennerís new album, Sex & Politics, is fearless. It swaggers playfully with confidence and bravado, tumbling along with a mighty roar. The singer-songwriter, and his hugely-inventive musical cohort, tucked themselves away for a sol id ten day s in Camí s homemade recording machine tucked in the woods behind his remote British Columbia home. There are moments it draws you in close, seducing, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon, and then the pulse quickens, releasing a symphony of sound and colour. It is bold and extraordinarily subtle in places as percussive elements combine with layered guitar and effect techniques to bolster the muscular texture. Sex & Politics is further testament to Penner & Wood's musical migration into new territory.

Cam Penner doesnít so much sing songs as summon them up like a medium calling up spirits. His gentle growl can become a Delta howl, as if he is the conduit, a mere medium articulating the blues of a whole continent, emanating from a bottomless well of shared everyman experience. His remarkably sympathetic foil and musical cohort, electric guitar and lap steel sound sculptor Jon Wood, conjures up sound and colour, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon. The distinctive flow, the masterful musical bonding and the overall atmosphere they create is both endearing and humbling. They make you want to listen closely to every word and each hand-crafted note. Their unrivaled attentiondemanding presence marks this duo apart from other acts.

Canadian Cam Penner is an internationally touring singer/song-writer. His music has been featured on NPRís, All Music Considered, BBCís 2016 mini-series, Stonemouth and has charted on the Folk Billboard Chartís Top Twenty.

"From the worn edge in his voice to the wired and sleepy guitar picking... the excellent songs and his stripped-down, folk Americana is straight forward and deceptively simple." MOJO Magazine

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Cam Penner & Jon Wood
European Tour 2016:

dinsdag 19 april
Den Bosch

donderdag 21 april
Hof fŁr Heimatpflege
Itterbeck (Duitsland)

vrijdag 22 april
Cultureel Cafť De Amer

zaterdag 23 april
Tivoli Vredenburg

zondag 24 april

woensdag 27 april
Herberg Tiengemeten

donderdag 28 april
Wunderbar Weite Welt
Eppstein (Duitsland)

vrijdag 29 april
Oud Heverlee (BelgiŽ)

zaterdag 30 april
Rhythm & Blues Night

Sex & Politics

Gypsy Summer

Trouble and Mercy

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"De sympathieke Canadese baardman Penner en zijn begeleider John Wood toveren ons goudeerlijke ruwe en intense folk voor. Soms in klein gehouden akoestische porchsongs, maar even zo vaak ook in uitbundige rauwe countryblues-achtige nummers." Hugo Vogel,

"rauw als een Tom Waits, maar als er banjogetokkel in verweven wordt, kunnen vergelijkingen met Otis Taylor niet van de hand gewezen worden"