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Dayna Kurtz
jan/feb. 2019

Kieran Goss
& Annie Kinsella

jan/feb. 2019

Cam Penner
& Jon Wood

07-17 feb 2019

Amanda Anne Platt
& The Honeycutters

07-17 feb 2019

Cam Penner
- At War With Reason
Nathan Bell
- Love Bones & Stars
Kieran Goss
& Annie Kinsella

- Oh, The Starlings
Dayna Kurtz
- Here volume 2
- Lord of the Desert
Otis Gibbs
- Mount Renraw
Boris McCutcheon
- I'm Here Let Me In
Rod Picott
- Out Past The Wires
Sam Baker
- Land of Doubt
Over the Rhine
- Live From The Edge of the World
Birds Of Chicago
- Live from Space
Dave McGraw
& Mandy Fer

- Off-Grid Lo-Fi
Greg Trooper
- Live at the Rock Room
Matt Harlan
& Rachel Jones

- In The Dark
Matt The Electrician
- It's a Beacon It's a Bell
Rita Hosking
- Frankie and the No-Go Road
Arlan Feiles
- Live From The Strand
Daniel Meade
- Let Me off at the Bottom