Nathan Bell
Loves Bones and Stars, Love’s Bones and Stars
The 4th album in the Family Man series - Angry Stick Recording Company

I’m a lucky man. I live in a safe place, with people I love. I have a cup of good coffee every morning. I teach guitar 4 days/week and have a reasonably successful freelance writing business. And I write songs. I’ve always been lucky. From my father I learned to work, and have worked most days, since I was 11 years old. I learned about love from my family (father, adoptive mother and my brother). We spent our days laughing. I was surrounded by love. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be three things, a writer, like my father, a baseball player, like Bert Campaneris (Oakland A’s 6x all-star shortstop), and a cop (like Serpico). Instead, I was a soccer player (like Stoitchkov of Bulgaria, “el Pistolero” but faster) and I get stopped by the police for no good reason. Sometimes, I do write. I have two brilliant, funny, empathetic children who have learned the lesson of work and the value of laughter. I live in a house, made beautiful and comfortable by Leslie, my wife of almost 30 years, that is full of art and love. And she can sing. I have two chainsaws, and many other tools of destruction, but I can’t keep up with my yard. We have a Jalapeno plant that has yielded 2 Million very hot peppers. Our four parents travel the world in their 80’s and are funny, smart, and very much alive. Two of them live down the block from us and show up regularly for Sunday dinner, where, we laugh together and solve all the problems of the world. It has been, and is, a fantastic life. Sometimes I have time to be a musician, too.
I have released three albums about being a working class American, all under the umbrella of the “Family Man” titles. I never intended to add a fourth to the series. But I had a very minor health scare (not worth describing) last year. So minor that it was laughable, but, as is the way of middle-aged and older men, it made me necessarily philosophical. And I came to remember two things (things I knew all along, but had lost track of in the quotidian of daily affairs):
I am surrounded by love.
I am the luckiest man alive.
I believe that even the oldest person dies too young. And I have no interest in leaving yet. But if I were to go, I have had more than any one man can hope for or expect. I am surrounded by love. I had always written about that love through the lives of others, their families, and the concern I feel for people. I thought that was a perfectly fine way to do things. But now I was writing songs about my own love. They were songs about the bones that make us strong and upright, that keep us moving. They were songs about how we look longingly toward the stars, yet we (I) love and cherish most the ordinary things within our reach. They were songs about how you need everything, and almost nothing, to be happy, if you have love. This time, they were songs about my own family. I was surprised to find that I had another Family Man album. I found some older songs that had never had a home and invited them along. I invited the people I love, and a new member of my musical family, to sing and play with me. I tried to fill the album with the same bones and stars that have made my life a life worth living. And now these songs of love have a home. I hope they find a home with you. And I hope you have a life like mine. Utterly ordinary, always extraordinary.
-The Family Man, 2018


Loves Bones and Stars,
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Nathan Bell
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