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Rita Hosking’s style of country-folk has been lauded for story and sense of place, and her performances praised for capturing the audience. Honors include winner of the '08 Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest at the Sisters Folk Festival, finalist in the '09 Telluride Troubadour Contest, and more. A descendant of Cornish miners who sang in the mines, Rita grew up with deep regard for folk music and the power of the voice. Rita began recording and publishing in 2005 with Are You Ready?, and followed in 2007 with Silver Stream. Come Sunrise, Rita's 2009 record, won Best Country Album Vox Pop in the 2010 Independent Music Awards. Burn, from 2011, was placed in the top 10 "Young Female Artist releases for 2011" by No Depression magazine, and listed as a "Hidden Gem of 2011" by the UK's Observer. Both Come Sunrise and Burn were produced by Rich Brotherton--producer, engineer, and guitar player in the Robert Earl Keen Band. Rich's studio in Austin, Texas, Ace Recording, is where Rita recorded her most recent album as well. Rita's latest 2013 release, Little Boat, has been listed as one of the “Top 10 Country Albums of 2013” by the UK Telegraph. The Daily Mirror characterizes Little Boat as a “short, but oh so sweet, lean and lovely set of seven songs introducing this Californian’s clawhammer banjo playing daughter, Kora Feder, 18, who is blessed with mum’s unerring delicacy of touch.”

Some albums can take on a life of their own and become bigger than the sum of their parts. The music of "Frankie and the No-Go Road" stands tall in Rita Hosking's impressive discography of well-crafted, meaningful songs that convey her sincere voice and unique version of mountain soul. But dig deeper and her sixth studio album is a doorway to "more worlds than one"---a realm where unseen mysteries move with unstoppable fluidity and timeless grace.

Unlike her other records, the concept for Frankie and the No-Go Road came to Rita while she was drawing. “I realized I was illustrating a hero’s journey, and that I would love to write a collection of songs inspired by those drawings."

The theme was a natural for Rita. “In college, an Eastern Religions professor was drawing a dream I had on the board for the class, interpreting it as he went along. At one point, he called me ‘the hero’. I protested—I certainly didn’t feel like a hero in the dream, or at all. He spun around, looked me square in the eye and said ‘we are all living our own hero’s journey.’ It was one of those pivotal moments where the human puzzle began to make a little bit of sense.”

On the surface, "Frankie and the No-Go Road" is a superb collection of twelve West Coast Americana tunes, awash with soaring, heartfelt vocals, earthy banjo, folk-music authenticity, and the production sensibilities of a modern country record. On another level, it’s an intricate exploration of the soul's journey through life. Is the hero of this journey Frankie, or Rita herself, or the human heart in all of us? That's for the listener, or traveler, to decide.

Frankie and the No-Go Road

Sommige albums komen op een bijzondere manier tot leven dat is zeker zo met Frankie & The No Go Road. Het is een soort concept album geworden geïnspireerd door boeken van Joseph Campbell (A hero with a thousand faces) en Dr Jack Forbes, (Columbus and other canibals). Het resultaat is deels een reis, deels reflectie, deels geschiedenis en deels vooruit kijkend. Het idee ontstond doordat Rita aan het tekenen was met een verhaal in haar hoofd en zich realiseerde dat beeltenissen min of meer de illustraties waren bij een verhaal. De 12 muzikale hoofdstukjes, worden hier verpakt in westcoast Americana songs met gepassioneerde vocalen en omlijst met fraaie banjo folkmuziek. Op Frankie And The No-Go Road horen we behalve Rita's fenomenale stem, ook haar spel op gitaar, banjo en en mondharmonica en o.a. haar vaste producer Rich Brotherton op een hele batterij snaarinstrumenten, Glen Fukunaga op de contrabas, echtgenoot Sean Feder op de Dobro en dochter Kora Feder in de vocale harmonieën. De songs zijn een soort ontdekkingsreis door het menselijke brein en of de hoofdpersoon in dit reis verhaal nu Frankie, is of Rita of de menselijke ziel in ons allen? Dat is iets wat we zelf mogen uitvinden. Dat het geweldig klinkt is in ieder geval zeker, absolute aanrader voor liefhebbers van Caroline Herring, Gillian Welch etc. (Sandra Zuidema, Lucky Dice Music mailorder Nieuwsbrief oktober 2015)

“Over 12 tracks, Fortune takes a look at the effects of chance and circumstance on a soldier ("Jeremiah"), a family ("Uncle John") and love ("Alicia"). One of the album's standouts is "Spare Change," a sparse, reflective meditation that explores how life is made up of tiny puzzle pieces. They're insignificant on their own, but when put together, something huge and beautiful comes into view.” Chris Parton, Rolling Stone july 2015

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Frankie and the No-Go Road (2015)

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